Friday, March 13, 2009

Sensible Substitutes, Yummy!

In recent years I have always looked for ways to make my food healthier. I came accross this book that had a few homemade versions of things you find in the grocery store and use often,after some trial I realize these turned out to be really good and very cost effective. So I thought I would share a few. The chocolate syrup is my favorite because you can add a higher quality cocoa powder, which defeats the purpose of being cost effective, but it is really good.Last time I made it i used Calibou cocoa powder, which is 16.oo for 120z at Sur la table. You can use Hersheys and it really does taste butter then the canned stuff. Taco Seasoning
6 teaspoon chili powder
41/2 t cumin
5t paprika
3t onion powder
21/2 t garlic powder
1/8 to 1/4tcayenne powder
Mix all together and store in an airtight container.The homemade mix is much stronger then the store-bought one,so use half as much and adjust to your taste.

1/2C cocoa
1cup water
2c sugar
1/8 t salt (dont skip this, it really adds to the flavor)
1/4t Vanilla
Mix the cocoa and the water in a saucepan. Heat and stir to disolve the cocoa.Add the sugar,and stir to dissolve. Boil 3 min.Add the salt and vanilla.Pour into sterilized pint jar and store covered in refrigerator;Keeps for several months.
Hershey syrup:$1.69 for 24oz jar or 7cents per ounce. Homemade: 3 cents per ounce

Cream Soup Mix
2 cups dry milk
11/4 cups of corn starch or 21/2c of flour
1/4c chicken bouillon powder
1/2 tsp powder
1t thyme (optional)
1t Basil
Mix all together, and store in airtight container.If the mix is made with cornstarch,add 1/3 of the mix to 1 1/4 cups of water; if made with flour add 1/2 cup of mix to 1 1/4 cups water. This makes a consentrated casserole consistancy. For thinner soup coninstancy, double the water.


Try these and let me know how you like them. I have a few more to post,so keep checking back.


Split the vanilla bean pod lengthwise,
put into vadka bottle and store in a dark place
in about 2months it will develope a dark color.
As you use it refill with vodka, It will last for 7
years. I love this and I have been making this for
years. It may take longer to develope the destinctive
dark color. It is way better then store bought. I purchased
vanilla beans at costco. If you are botherd by having a
vodka bottle in your kitchen, buy a pretty bottle and
make it in that. ENJOY!!!

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