Sunday, May 31, 2009

YAY!!! We have peas people!!! Lettus, carrots and almost Broccoli!

Well here we are, we have Peas!!! and a few other veggies! I am so
excited to see my little veggie garden growing and actually
living!! Geoff and I get a kick out of going out and looking at the
new growth!! I am getting impatient watching all
my goodies grow!!! As soon as we harvest, let me
know if you want to come over and have a salad.
I have never grown a garden and now I can feel the same
feeling people who garden all time feel!! Enjoy the pictures
and I will keep you posted!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

It looks so pretty now!!

Our yard is looking really nice! Cleaning out the flower beds, lay down beauty bark and moving some plants around really made a huge difference! It looks so good now and I will have to give Geoff a huge pat on the back for doing this. Yes! He did this and he did such a great job!!! I usually lay out a blanket in the sun and keep him company while he toils away in the sun!! I know, I probably should help but I really don't like to get dirty and do yard work!! Yuck! He gives me a hard time about it but i usually just smile at him! Then he says "just hang out with me and keep him company". I am good at doing that!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Flowers in my front yard!!!

I Just wanted to post some pictures of the front yard! We have come a long way from when
we moved here. It was over grown and had'nt been trimed in about 2 years.
After alot of sweat and heard work (I will have to give Geoff
most on the credit, I don't like to work in the dirt! Yuckie)
Enjoy the pictures and I will be posting more of the back
yard very soon :)