Sunday, March 8, 2009

A day with my best friend!

Friday was a really special day for me, my friend Alice aka Aly, came to visit and see my new house and meet Geoff. We had such a great day talking about old times and laughing so hard my face hurt. We hav'nt done that is so long. We enjoyed a cup of spice tea and she brought lunch, Yummy potatoe soup, Homemade, it was really good. Thanks Alice. She brought me the cutest picture frames and a fluffy scarf for my birthday. I loved it!The weather could'nt have been better, it was really nice.We will have to di that more often.


  1. It was good to see you again. It is never good when friends go so long between visits.

    "Go often to the house of thy friend, for weeds will soon choke the unused path."

    Over the years I have found that quote to be so true, and I will not let another friendship disappear among the weeds of life. I am your friend and I will always be here when you need me.

    ...a friend loveth at all times.

  2. Yes! It was really nice to hang out and laugh again. I like that saying, it is so true. Lets not let time go by so long again. You and the kids are always walcome here.We need to do that again soon.Mmmm, Tea and Lemon pie next time??? Sounds good to me.