Thursday, June 4, 2009

Old Pants, New Skirt!!!!

Well, here is a way to turn an old pair of pants or jeans in to a really cute skirt! I used to do this
as a teenager and I had forgotten how cute it turns out! I have been researching it online
and there are allot of people out there with alot of helpful info about doing this! I had recently
been cleaning out my closet and dresser of some old clothes I didn't want any more. I had put them in a bag and not taken them to Goodwill( glad I didn't) I found these old pants and the insert fabric is from an old shirt!! It was a great match!!!
I started out cutting the pants to the desired length. You can leave it long and just trim off the old hem. I like the frayed look on the hem but you can sew a real hem on the bottom when you are done!

Next you have to cut the inner seams leaving a raw edge,again I like the frayed edge!
Here is the beginning of the front insert, I just randomly sewed together some of the pieces till it fit the front and back opening!

Here I fit the panel in to the front to see if it would fit! Notice the mark on the top seam? I marked it with the wrong pen(not a fabric marker) Oops! and had to put some stain remover on it!

I sewed both panels front and back, I sewed them inside out so the frayed edges were showing,Notice I used green thread, That was all I could find and I think It went with the little green flowers in the fabric!I wanted it a little quirky!! The next one I want to do is a Denim with some cherry and Denim inserts!! I will post more pics later! I also finished Michaella's Blanket yesterday! I will add the pics to another blog post. Thanks for looking and enjoy! Try one for yourself, they are fun :)

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