Sunday, June 14, 2009

MMMmmmm...Cupcakes!!! Yummy!

Cupcakes,one of my favorite little treats to make anytime any for any occasion. This time I made them for a birthday party. I thought instead of trying to find the "right" recipe I thought I would a use two of my favorite cake recipes!! A Vanilla bean Butter cake and a Mocha-chocolate cake. Both are my favorite.The Vanilla bean Butter cake is a dense, rich cake that is almost like a pound cake with a crunchy "crust" with a Rich fudge frosting. The mocha-chocolate cake had a really light and not-to-sweet white frosting. Yummy!! Not sure if I am going to share the recipe just yet. I am thinking about it! I might get generous and share it! Keep on looking!
This is the Sparkeling sugar I used on the top of the cupcakes! It is from a Seattle based company, India Tree, I love all their fancy sanding and decorating sugars. Check out the website, you will see why I like using them. I bought this one at my local QFC, they carry 5 colors at around $5.50 a bottle but it is worth it!

MMmmmm.... The finished cupcakes! They were a hit!


  1. mmmmm..they look delicious and are sure popular these days....what could be better..

  2. Thanks Debi, I love making them too!! I will try to post the recipe next week if I have time!! Sooo gooood!!