Sunday, April 26, 2009

My First Year Planting a Veggie Garden!

Well here it is, the beginning anyway!Above I
started out with peas and carrots. Below, we
continued with three kinds of lettuce,
and Broccoli. We will be adding strawberries
in a large pot I have in the back and the rest
of the garden will be planted with green beans
and jalapeno peppers.Tomatoes will be added
next week. I am really excited to see all my work
grow and enjoy all the fresh veggies. Homemade salsa is on the top of my
In May, I will be planting Collard Greens,
cantaloupe,and sweet basil in a plot
I still have to clean out.
I will keep everyone up to date on what happens.
I am really excited!! I am not very good at
growing anything, so I am really eager to
see how things are going to grow!

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